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Self-Concept: As a Leader, Why It Matters?

                  Leading a school would require not just holistic and results-oriented leadership but ethical mandate in school processes.” I started my reflection by the sentence I’ve captured from an article.                 One way or another, it is part of the ambition to be an administrator someday. Maybe… Continue reading Self-Concept: As a Leader, Why It Matters?

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Instructional Leaders: From the Spectrum of the Rural Community

Perhaps, this is the best time to reflect about the previously discussed topic, principal leadership. We used to expect a lot from the school head. Most of which are skills that entails good leadership and instructional management. Last weekend, I was privileged enough that I was able to immerse myself in one of the farthest… Continue reading Instructional Leaders: From the Spectrum of the Rural Community

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‘Globalization’ And Its Impact To The Field Of Education

With respect to the global cultural change, the discussion dwells on elaborating globalization in general context. It was indeed a very interesting topic. Economics and political analysis with regards to leadership approach that applies to such changes have been discussed. At the end of the class, while processing my reflection, I started thing of on… Continue reading ‘Globalization’ And Its Impact To The Field Of Education


Leadership in Diverse Culture and Society

       According to Hornsby, “Everyone is subordinate to someone—some board, some coach, some law, some other leader”. A research-based discussion caught my interest this week as we’ve tackled one of the most comprehensive papers about leadership, the ‘The GLOBE Study’. The study talks about the similarities and differences of norms, cultures, values, and… Continue reading Leadership in Diverse Culture and Society

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Educational Philosophy: As an educator, I am responsible for facilitating holistic learning, one that value human life, human experiences, and the ability to appreciate lives without causing harm to others in the process. I believe that education must emphasizes that the educational institution as an environment for implementing social change and challenging social inequalities. Background… Continue reading

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Reflect on Teaching as Profession

The discussions for the past few weeks started to in-depth my understanding about my personal philosophy and how can it affect my future educational philosophy. The historical foundation of education here in the Philippines has conversed which are mostly factual. Among those topics, the three areas that have struck me the most were the implications… Continue reading Reflect on Teaching as Profession