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Self-Concept: As a Leader, Why It Matters?

                  Leading a school would require not just holistic and results-oriented leadership but ethical mandate in school processes.” I started my reflection by the sentence I’ve captured from an article.

                One way or another, it is part of the ambition to be an administrator someday. Maybe the primary reason why we were in the graduate school taking up this major. But still scares me what it’s really like to be a leader of an actual school. Being a middle manager is still safer because I have someone on top of me to help and guide me.  Becoming a leader needs a healthy self-concept. So, I begun to ask, am I having a healthy self-concept. It was a hard question to answer, but a good point to reflect on.

                I could say that having a healthy self-concept when you talk about leadership can be at some point is demanded from us. And I strongly believe on the power of brain. How you perceive your self matters on how you react or portray your character. I always try my best to have a healthy and good perception about myself. I like learning new things because I admire smart people. I adhere to be pleasant specially in front of my subordinate because I personally hate the opposite. And yet things are really becoming situational at some point. There were bad days and crazy people, who make things hard for you and yet you have to remember that you are a leader and you have to never lose yourself and your projected concept at any cause.

                I believe that creating a positive school culture requires confidence, discipline, and enthusiasm. That you can be a genius or an intelligent person, but without the right feelings or emotion to pour in, it wasn’t toward creating positivism in an organization. Simply because no matter what organization we belong, we leaders are human being and whom we are leading were people.

                Hypothetically putting myself in the idea that what if at present, I am leading a secondary public high school in Manila, what kind of leader could I be? Anchoring this question to who I actually am inside my office as a middle manager, I am seeing myself as a do-it all leader.  And it will going to be exhausting if I continue to be the same.  I need to work on becoming a little more autocratic and disciplinarian, because I am seeing the need of being one in some situation.   In the end, your sincere intention always matters. Self concept



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