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Insights and Reflections about the Book:Unveiling Teaching Expertise A Showcase of Sixty-nine Outstanding Teachers in the Philippines by Flordeliza Clement-Reyes

As a future educator, this reading makes me wonder how far I can go to become an expert, But more than that, my inner soul is really wondering how can I change someone else live using the passionate way of teaching. The rest of the strands being mentioned is driven by sufficient amount of dedications and commitments. Some requires adequate experiences. Teaching often referred as profession but as I read this book, I can’t help but realized that it is a noble calling. The expert teachers being studied were not teachers from the beginning. Some of them are routed by time just like me but manage to find their way back to their calling.  I also learned that as a teacher, you are also manager. You are managing complex personalities all under one classroom and they’re doing many things at once and working in different level of interaction and intelligence. So you have many variables to play. Educators also needs control and power over what they must do.

An expert teachers will find a way to get more interested in what they are teaching and to make things more interesting for their students. It requires a little more work, a little more imagination, and maybe even a little acting ability. The best teachers make learning interesting, enjoyable and productive. The teacher’s satisfaction is based on the students learning output. This will measure his/her effectiveness.

Same teacher. Same brilliant mind. But a different level of enthusiasm meant different levels of results.

Inspirational teachers always set high standards. They are not merely benevolent, kindly parental substitutes, they want to bring the best out in their students.

A teacher’s ability to create an effective learning environment, including humanizing a sense of mutual respect with students, is  an significant indicator of achievement in the classroom. Highly effective instruction requires a strong understanding of a given subject or concept in addition to the understanding of how to best deliver the lesson for that subject. Highly effective teachers proactively analyze student performance to give insight to improve instruction and student learning. They understand the importance of using target information like student grades and classroom work to shape their practice.

The concept of the role modeling is part of being an expert. As stated majority of them have their role models that mostly were their earlier teacher. Based on the reading I also come up with an understanding that as we continue to innovate and change, curriculum revision must be done based on the strands provided.

While “expert” is defined as a person who has special skill or knowledge in some particular field, an expert teacher for me cannot be defined by just words. It is a joint action, emotion and intelligence. Molded by time and influence, driven by love and sincerity, teaching is an art of services than once and always considered as a strong weapon to uplift the life of

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. “

William Arthur Ward



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