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Reflection Paper About the Journal Entitled “Teaching Principles of Management Through Experiential and Service Learning “

Leadership and management skills are something that comes together with experience while other believes that it should be integrated on the curriculums during education. As mentioned in the introduction, for several years, the business world is disparaging the curricula about these two important variables. Furthermore, the reading discusses the meaning of experiential learning and its effect on the individual development of the student about the areas earlier mentioned.

Following experiential learning, the article is the maxim that the educators are taking different approaches to teaching the subject matters in Principles of Management. The topic includes how to plan, organize, coordinate, direct, budget, control and evaluate. These are things that better practiced than taught in traditional ways such as lecture, case study, and class project. This trigger the Dean of the University of La Verne to improve the program by exposing the students to the more dimensional form of learning. They immersed themselves on small local businesses and do some auditing task while having classes as scheduled. There were documentations and paper report that being required.  The techniques will involve assimilating, converging, diverging and accommodating.

However, the actual process of sending the students to the outside world to involvement on the real management and leadership have several barriers. The individual responsibility of the student will be highly established. Cooperation from the establishment owner’s to unleashed their styles for the study will take a lot of strategizing and persuading for them to let them be the subject. But it is also equally important to remember that the book and lecture style imparting only the theories and the idealistic concept of the topic can be considered crummy techniques. Experiential learning engages the students on basic and actual critical thinking and problem-solving. It is important to encourage them to do some reflection after immersion. That will help them develop new skills and new attitude based on experiences. Something that hard to develop inside the classroom. This is a method of teaching using the first-hand information the article is more of program evaluation about Principle of Management subject. The daring approach of that institution to escape from the traditional practice and explore the other options is a good initiative in the field of education.

It leaves us thinking what else among our current curriculum needs to apply experiential learning concept. Meanwhile, the other forms of experiential learnings are on the job training, field trips, community engagement activities and related learning experiences.

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