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Reflection Paper About the Journal Entitled “From the Teachers, Professional Ethics to the Personal Professional Activity”

The issue discussing Personal Professional Morality of an educator is a broad topic and with lots of different insights that can be tackled. In this journal, the researcher emphasizes several key points from different theories and literature. It deliberates moral issues, personality component, and proper professional actions. The relevance of the role of an educator in the society which we were trying to create good citizens is also highly accentuated.

Based on the reading, there were several criteria that constitute a profession. One of those is remuneration into which define as “paying someone to do the job”. This controversial statement contradicts to the concept of “service” where common among all profession is being associated to. On the taxonomic approach made by one of the contributors, it says that professional autonomy is the starting point where professionals can be self-directing, independent and can use their own judgment, especially in decision making. This is important for an individual for them to be able to create their own self-concept and values as professionals. Another important approach is the development of the professional competences. As a teacher, it is vital to recollect that we were on a mission and has to be professionally competent. Most of the time, awareness is the key. We let them reflect on their own acts and refocus on the goal after. Teaching also is a relationship involving two or more different sides that require sincerity to be able to build a rapport over diversity. Along the reading, there was a question that captivates my attention. It is the inquiry if whether teacher is an artist or an intellectual practitioner. My answer is not even articulated for a while since these was very contentious. As I wanted to figure things out as I go on.

On professionalism model that being cited, there were three important things that been underscored. Autonomy, which has been elaborated already on the first part, is as important as the intellect. Second is knowledge which in my opinion will literally support the development. Teaching moral obligation and ethic courses will be very pertinent in making them fully educated about how a teacher should act in holistic methodology. The development of professional and moral responsibilities between the teacher and student is an imperious process to build a commitment or passion for teaching. In an illustration demonstrated on the journal which stresses the way of describing who we are, and how we rebuild our selves to fit in the profession that we choose. In my opinion, people who are not aware of how he/she behaves cannot do anything to about it. And again, on the rebuilding side, autonomy can be utilized as it requires self-regulation based on your free will and own understanding guided by the principles acquires from formal education.


There were several cases presented of teacher’s different approaches on a meeting with parents’ activity. In the summary, it shows the variety of the techniques; however, put a higher weight with regards to the need to have the code of professional ethics. A group professional ethics can be acquired along the process while a person is immersing his/herself on the situation or group that requires professionalism.  It will normally take some time and a lot of ethical and moral training and involvement.   Personal professional ethics is believed to be formed based on individual origin, upbringing, family background at some area and other factors that contribute a lot in terms of the moral values and ethical formation of a professional.

The reading also emphasizes that an organization has to create a learning environment that is morally inclined to both teachers and students. The school has to be a place where novice educator can grow both in his ethical and professional development to be an effective teacher and act as a role model to his or her students all the time.  To be a role model you have to project a good character of a teacher. And to be a good teacher we must develop personal moral aspect of our lives authentically. Other than moral and ethical issues, important factors were our teaching strategies, critical thinking, creativeness and mastery of knowledge. One of the tools also is the therapeutic communication skills and wise use of the vocabulary. We have to keep in mind that every words and acts we are sending is a message that the student will remember as an act of the moral agent that will greatly affect their moral and ethical development.

It may sometimes sound absurd that being a teacher requires more than just an intellectual being or an artist that project characters. But the truth is, being someone that is can change and mold a life of somebody by living his/her own faithful and authoritative life is a gift and an urge. A mission to carry out towards our journey that requires a lot of audacity and passion is something that we can be gratified of. The legacy that we are trying to leave behind is more than just a simple profession but a calling to be fulfilled.

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