Emotions, Opinions



The word “Sorry” can sometimes heal the wound of the broken heart
But did I really wanna hear them right now?
Will that actually can help me fix the torn parts?
And if there is no way to repair them then no need for us to start
When every single word that you’ll about to say
Will only sound like noise and will not make any sense
Like a strong thunder striking all the way
Similar to the rain drops pouring on the sunny days
“Sorry” has been to be an act of sincerity
Recognizing that you’d hurt somebody deeply
But if the words and the actions have no similarity
Then, it is better not to say “Sorry”
I can forgive you even if you don’t ask me to
I’ll do it for myself and not because of you
They say that’s how matured people will do
But I think it will take time for me to make it through



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