Note for the Broken-hearted: “It’s Okay, You’ll Going to be Okay.”


Credit to the Rightful Owner


I usually took care of what I thought, envisioned and what should I feel about someone. Until one day, life tested me of how strong I can really become. I almost lost every reason for living. I got weak and out of control. The things that I used to live with turned out totally different now. And it’s okay, I am okay. I’ll be okay.

Being there is not anyone else choice.
No one deserves that. You will feel like it may be the hardest, the most painful and destructive state that you’ve ever been. Don’t worry, it’s normal.
Held on a little bit longer.
Take every step of the way.
Savor the emotions.
Cry until you fall asleep.

Because no words of whoever can erase that. Not even a hug of your best friend.
As days passes by, it will develop even more painful.
Let go of it.
Talk to yourself.
Get drunk.
Go anywhere.
Anything that can somehow reduce the suffering. Because no matter what you do, you will remain broken for a time.

The next morning you will have realized that you have a huge eye bags and that it’s the most hurtful hours of the day same with the night before you go to sleep. You’ll lose your appetite and not even interested to anyone or anything else. Funny, but you’ll start to hate love songs and endure yourself in pain by listening to the most broken hearted songs ever written.
And that’s okay.
It will bleed more when you go over your photo albums and all the memories that you have been together for several years. The places that you traveled. The things that you used to do on weekends. The more reminiscences, the more it aches. And you can do nothing about it but to take it. Embrace it.

You will talk too much to your close friends seeking for sympathy and comfort. You will post indirect quotations to social media hoping that it hits his/her face. Many will not gonna understand you. Some will act as if they will be different if they were in your place. But who the hell cares, it’s your pain after all. It’s your feelings. Only you can deal with it. You can’t get away with it. So leave their opinions to them.

Pray harder and talk to Him. He will surely listen without questioning your arguments. Feel His comfort in loneliness. His hug is better than anyone else.

And life must go on. No need to fake a smile. After all, it’s an experience. It’s an art. Not everyone has to have a chance to be in that state. Weird, but it’s true.

At the end of the process, you’ll realize that all you need is time. Time to return to your sanity. Time to figure out the positive things out of the gray situation. Time to accept the facts that everything is over.
Feel good about yourself. Go back to who you really are. Do the things that you love to do alone. And be by yourself.

Life is beautiful. It’s a journey to fulfill. We might be losing an ally or friends along the way, but it’s okay. It will always be okay.
You’ll wake up one day, stretching your arms, taking a deep breath, telling yourself that finally, you’ve learned the art of letting go: ) And you will just look back and smile to those you thought once an unbearable pain. It will still hurt sometimes. But you will choose to pick up the scattered pieces and mended the broken heart.

So it’s okay😊

By: Personal Mind


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