A Love from a Broken Heart

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Loving someone and to be loved by someone in return is one of the great feeling we can ever experience in our life. It’s like a million volt of current vibrating all over our nerves.

We woke up inspired everyday. We  talked to ourselves in the mirror. It’s pretty crazy! Happiness is most common emotions in our lives by that time.

But not all love story is like fairy tales with a happy ending. As I write these thoughts, I am trying to remember those days, so I could make you feel so real about it.

12 years ago, I can still recall how it really senses like when you fell in love for the first time. It’s looks weird. It’s amazing. It’s larger-than-life. I cannot explain how it goes, but to cut a long five year story to short, Lets put it this way,I loved him but he broke…

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