The Life and Politics , My thoughts and Yours

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Many things occur to my mind speaks during a discussion of whatever political publications I read or I wrote. Sometimes I do not want to just talk about it at all.

But because we need a government so I should care. I again asked, who should lead? And my response is “I do not know”. Nowadays, one thing is for sure, it was really an interesting politics in this country. In terms of effects, as measured by street lives of our people, we can say that this was entirely a manifestation of the huge mistakes in governance. Many beggars on the street. A lot of these children do not go to school. Widespread criminality.

There’s rampant corruption from local to national level. Many poor continue to suffer.

Where does it really start? How, exactly, do we fix that?

In my views, everything started at home. History began a long time ago, formed the culture over time. And it all became the result.

At home, we often forget that the small things that we plant with an innocent mind of our children shall also be the principles source of their own life. Sometimes, we thought that a “reward scheme” in the house actually teaches them to serve the job quickly cause there must be replacement money or something for that. This is just a hypothetical example.

A long time ago the teaching of our ascendants and their cultivation, makes us who we are and what we will be.

Filipino values are, for the most part, focused on maintaining social harmony, motivated mainly by the desire to be taken within a group. The main section against diverging from these values are the concepts of “Hiya“, roughly translated as ‘a sense of shame’, and “Amor propio” or ‘self-esteem’.[2] Social approval, acceptance by a group, and belonging to a group are major concerns. Caring about what others will think, say or do, are strong influences on social behavior among Filipinos.[(source: Hallig, Jason V. Communicating Holiness to the Filipinos: Challenges and Needs, )

We are governed by our values mostly influence by our colonist from Western cultures, particularly from the Spaniards and the Americans. An example of a foreign influence is bureaucracy exhibited in the government of the Philippines. We also have some what we call traditional values. Those were the indigenous model which is mostly non-formal one.

These things are an overwhelming role in the progress of history. We have been a variety of beliefs and values. The “Hiya” and being sociable became allow a leader to be biased. The “utang na loob” and become more cogent than what is proper and just.

Personal welfare becomes only our goals and vision for development. Remember that we do not survive alone. Therefore, greediness and self-centered interest of the politician has no room in this country.

Unfortunately, people always aim for an instant change but failed to remember that we should start it ourselves. We cannot rely on the leaders alone for this country to be a move to its better state. Everyone must work on it.

And in the end of history, here we are, despondent in recovery and growth.

But we were naturally strong and powerful. We continue to seek a better future. And while there are those things we know that tomorrow, we will be raised to the natural goodness of our hearts. Prevail intend to use the inherited culture and mores decorously. We must train the next generation of leaders. If we start changing as individuals, there is hope that one day little by little we can correct the system and we can fix our lives.


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