“The Hidden Paradise at Bulalacao, Oriental Mindoro”

My friends and I have basically no idea about what’s waiting for us on that island. Until we finally experienced it. And for me, that was an awesome discovery, that outside the tourist trail, there is a hidden paradise embed between the islets and a gigantic ocean.
Really great food. Hospitality is all over the place. The accommodation is basic but it’s fair and that counts a great deal.
The serenity and the peacefulness of the island brings our mind the most relax feelings that we could ever have. As we see around, we realized that the universe is vast and we are only a tiny dot that part of it. The white sands and crystal clear water reminded us that this topographic point is nonetheless to be given away and short prayers run into my mind that along the process, I desire that this shall remain forbidden from the perverted people that might exploit it. Every bit the night goes by, we lied along the virgin sand, we gazed the stars. Our eyes chased the lightened plankton. We shared many stories. We laughed together. And as we move on the journey of hopping each and every beautiful island, we faced forward to go home (Tambaron Green Beach Resort). We imagine the meals that are waiting for us. Ha-ha, that was really, really good time. Money well spent indeed. Adios until the next time. Maraming, maraming salamat.

Room Tip: Bring all valuable commodities based on individual needs.

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