I fell in love with nature…

Item 27

When you stair a look at the photograph, what fares to your head?

I desire to share with you how much I feel when I’ve picked up this picture. When I was in high school, I barely knew that I love Biology that much. It was certain that I possess big interest in how things goes inside the so called ecosystem. I must admit, this is not all about the scientific terms and whatsoever of its terminology that argue my interest in this field. Allow me to tell you a short story.

I was in the middle of the walk , having my android phone in my hand when my eyes suddenly captivated by the red blooming flower called gumamela. It’s simple, but it’s beautiful. I continue, I walked and I stopped once more as I realized that the a caterpillar in a matter of minutes will become a butterfly. That was an amazing statement to witness. The birds sang lullabies to them. I nested under the tree, staring a look at the clear blue sky as my attention was called by a group of little creature walking in line carrying something for their survival. A group of ants is a colony. Hahaha, very funny. I even find art the simple rocks and stones. The forest of the old trees seemed to figure out some abstract paintings in my eyes. The wave that touches the ocean done me wonders of so many things. What’s beneath the huge body of water so called sea. How those living things survived under the very salty water. What made the water salty. I even come to think, what if our people have the capability to live and survive under water. What if we have fins. Yes, a real one.

Many things made me wonder how, why, what if. Only at the end, I even manage to gather the fear inside of me. A concern that caused by abusing human who might someday destroy the puzzled and perfect nature that only some can appreciate.


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